Written by Sam Green

Are You ‘Breathing’ at Work?

I suppose the question you are asking is why am I, Sam Mahoney, the office manager, writing about ‘breathing’? Well, here at Thinkbda we have all been given one of Robin Sharma’s ‘Rules for Being Amazing’, to champion to our team members. And I have been given ‘breathe’.

Initially I questioned how I was going to lead this rule and get the guys and girls here understanding it in and around the workplace. However, with some guidance from James Allen at Creative Huddle and my own research, I was able to hold a roundtable discussion with the team around the subject.

So what did I take from this and why is it important to allow ourselves time to breathe during our busy working day?

Breathing in the right way can enable the mind to become more efficient and calm.

We need to keep up with the speed of human interaction and make our own bodies and mind more efficient to manage the increasing demands of daily life.

When our breathing is fast our minds are distracted.

But when our breathing is slow our minds are calm.

A calm mind means we can process more information, better face challenges and come up with new ideas.

The better control we have over our breathing means our minds become more efficient and deliver greater focus.

Our brain depends on ‘downtime’. Too much busyness can be counterproductive.

Many of us think by keeping our minds busy we are pushing away bad thoughts and feelings. When we allow our minds some ‘downtime’ we give ourselves time to confront what actually matters, process and re-enforce our own learning.

Controlling your breathing and calming the mind will allow you to regain control of your own attention.

Try putting ‘breathe/mind downtime’ into your busy working day and see the impact that this has on your wellbeing, motivation and productivity.

Don’t expect it be an easy task; this will initially be a battle for your own attention, but I’m pretty sure you will all see a noticeable difference in the balance it will bring to your day.

10 reasons why we should all allow ourselves and our colleagues time to breathe:

  1. Increased motivation
  2. Productivity
  3. Balance to the working day
  4. Stress relief
  5. Greater focus
  6. Process more information
  7. Idea generation
  8. Less worry
  9. Better sleep patterns
  10. Happier, healthier workforce

Once you’ve tried these pointers and had a moment to really breathe, make sure you share with us the difference this made to you…

  • Annie

    Having studio yoga now for a number of years a quote “Breath is not only inspiration, it is the spark that ignites the life force into living tissue – animating our blood, firing through brain tissue and permeating the alveoli of our lungs” (Yogasana Tias Little “The Thread of Breath”) enforces how essential it is for us all to learn to breath properly.

    Sam, in my humble opinion, you’ve captured the essence of breath perfectly. The more we concentrate on how we breath the more efficiently and calmly we can live our lives.

    • thinkbda

      Hi Annie. Thank you for your reply and for sharing your quote with us, really inspirational. It is great to hear your thoughts and to get an insight into how breathing aids you not only with your yoga studies but also in every aspect of your daily life.