Written by Adriana Chereji

How to Exude Passion

As any regular reader of these blogs knows, ‘the power of amazing’ has been filtering through our workplace for some time. It’s a strong statement and introduction to many principles we’ve adopted. I have to say I love this approach with zeal, and that’s probably why I was asked to explore ‘exude passion’ as part of our roundtable series. However, I can’t help but feel there’s a very fine line between many of the rules: ‘exude passion’ and ‘deliver more than is needed’ has a certain similarity, for example, as does ‘exude passion’ and ‘love’. But let’s explore passion for a moment…

One paragon of passion I was asked to consider is Google. And I discovered Jonathan Rosenberg, advisor to Google CEO and former senior VP of Google products. He talked to Harvard Business Review about passion – and how Google goes about hiring the best staff.

He revealed how Google binned the metrics and school degrees a long time ago, deciding to cast out conventions when hiring. Why? Because sometimes rules aren’t required in order to discover exceptional talent. And since Google has an undeniably amazing track record in innovation, this is a good lesson to all of us about attracting and fostering new people.

Rosenberg’s remarks suggest he has an innate passion detector for discovering amazing people – people with one key thing that cannot be taught: passion. The kind of passion that drives someone to talk endlessly and in great detail about a subject close to their heart. The kind of passion that inspires someone to advance, innovate and grow. Qualities that are essential to any successful business.

Passion is what made Steve Jobs’ Apple what it is today, Levison Wood walk the Nile, and, on a smaller but equally celebrated scale, Thinkbda achieve the Investors in People gold award.

So, in a few words, here are 10 statements that define, in my opinion, what passion is all about:

Passion is when …

  1. You’re perseverant,
  2. Prepared to find hardship,
  3. And fail.
  4. But you’re also resilient because if you are passionate about it
  5. Nothing will stand in your way … and …
  6. It will get better!
  7. You will soon develop new skills.
  8. All this will make you pursue more.
  9. And never want to stop exploring.
  10. Because there is no reason not to follow your heart, and your passion!