Written by Is this the next big social media platform?

Is this the next big social media platform?

Instead of seeing the world through your phone, you are seeing it with your eyes; being in the moment.

Social media is all about perception, you can show people what you want them to see, something that is possibly not a true reflection of self. Filters and programs like Photoshop are now just a way of life. A new social platform might be in a position to change all that.

I was first introduced to Beme via a YouTube user I follow called Casey Neistat. You may have seen some of his famous videos; snowboarding behind a Jeep in New York for one.

He’s a New Yorker and renowned filmmaker. Over a year ago he decided to do a daily vlog on Youtube and is now one of the most influential YouTubers around with just over 3 million subscribers. I often talk non-stop about his videos to work colleagues and friends (look out for some of my own attempts at vlogs later in the year).

Along with his business partner, Casey decided to setup Beme, a way of sharing experiences through your own eyes and not through a filter. It was initially launched last year, however was pulled down due to having too many bugs. It was released out of BETA on the 5th May 2016 and is going from strength to strength.

Beme provides a unique social media experience, with nothing like it in the industry. The concept could shake up the way in which people interact with social platforms.

At the moment this is a consumer platform, however Beme is a business startup and no different to others – it has to monetise at some point. It will be interesting to see if companies use the tool, and how social media teams implement it into their communications strategies.