Written by David Knowles

The power of amazing…

Every now and again you’ll read something you passionately believe in. Something you’ll want your life to mirror and something which might even change it.

Robin Sharma’s “The rules for being amazing”did just that for me. Its permeated all that I do. So much so that bda has adopted them as its values.

The rules, which for some could seem a little unconventional as company values, underpin our ambition and highlight the very real and human beliefs of bda.

In an industry with little to differentiate one digital marketing company from another, the values of the people are fundamental because decisions should be made with both heads and hearts. So unconventional is good, since it reflects our unique mix of expertise and passion.

A company’s values should answer the question of, and give meaning to, why someone uses your product or service. They should create an intangible, emotional bond with your followers – those who believe in you and what you stand for. We all want to be associated with things we believe in and our values are the essence of what we and our brand stands for.

The ‘rules’, to which we’ve been intuitively recruiting for years, are part of bda’s day-to-day lexicon and are not only there to serve as a set of moral guidelines, but as a strategic lever for our creative and intellectual development.

We’ve embraced them to become the cornerstone of our peer review and appraisal process, our team’s learning and development plans, our hiring questions, our interior decor, our marketing, the way we work together and the way we work with our clients.

They’ve influenced our decision making and given us a greater purpose and statements by which to live and work by. They define who we are and what we want to stand for. And, like me, something our team can live and breathe both in the office and out of it.