Written by David Knowles

Push play on bda’s first ever podcast

It’s been just over one month since we sat in a room digesting our digital insights to you at our very first bda Digital Day.

There was data, there was design, there was even dancing, but most of all, there was an unbelievable amount of discussion about the future of digital.

From visionary thinking about video to the evolution of websites, using design for the ultimate customer experience to acknowledging a shift in brands using social media to become more human – we delved into the essential reasons why you should make marketing matter in 2017.

But the discussion doesn’t stop there.

If you missed us first time around (you can find the Periscope recording right here), don’t worry, because we’ve gathered the bda team together again for a frank podcast.

We’ve condensed our one-day dose of digital into a 30-minute chat about what reviews worked well, what we’d change and what’s inspiring us to get creative with content.

Listen to Lee Williams, Rob Humphries, Camilla Shuckburgh and Rob Jarvis – in what is the first in a long line of podcasts to come – discuss the dos and don’ts of what you should be doing digitally in 2017.

If you would like to download or subscribe to the podcast, you can find the iTunes link here.

And if there’s one thing we should remember, Rob Jarvis summed it up brilliantly when he said this:

“No matter whether it’s consumer or business, you’re talking to people and that’s what we’ve always got to rewind back to.”

 Now, just push play.