Written by Anna Sexton

Speak Your Truth

I’m not really a religious person. When I recently visited my brother, I applauded him for the handwritten sign he’d put on his front door. It said ‘No cold calling, no free papers and no religious nutters’.

So it’s a bit ironic for me that I’m starting my blog with a quote from Jesus himself: ‘The truth will set you free’.

It apparently stems from the book of John, which recounts Jesus telling his audience they should do more than just listen to his words; they should positively obey them. In doing so, they would be granted freedom from sin, an eternity with God, a heaven of sorts. I guess Jesus meant that his words, his wisdom, his ways, all count as the truth. And it’s by following that truth that one is set free.

Here’s where my religious ramblings end. But Jesus stays. Or at least his aphorism. Because I think it’s an incredibly powerful lesson for our industry and our work. And I get the feeling that magician Marco Tempest might just agree with me…

How about that – a professional deceiver telling us about truth? And his method to do so? Nothing more than a bunch of pixels that have been programmed to dupe our brains into believing they’re butterflies, or roses, or playing cards.

What links a magician with a designer, a copywriter, a web developer? What’s the real truth of our work? It’s simple: like illusionists, every day we pull tricks from our sleeves. We make moving images to suspend viewers’ disbelief; we craft copy to convince buyers that a product or service is essential; we perpetrate pictures to influence the imagination of even the most cynical of shoppers.

Work in one of these roles yourself? Don’t get cross, I’m not suggesting you’re a con-artist. But if you’re an artist of sorts, then here’s me speaking the truth and offering truth that’ll set you free: you’re a magician – keep the tricks coming fast, fresh and fantastic, and your audience will forever stay wowed.