Written by The Power of Repurposing Content for 2017

The Power of Repurposing Content for 2017

It’s estimated that on any given day there’s approx. 4.6 billion pieces of content being produced by companies marketing themselves to their audiences globally.

Even from my own experiences I continue to see large amounts of content being used once, and then forgotten about, being left to gather dust in the digital archives of websites. Clearly some content will be created just for that purpose, but the bulk will end up just being discarded, unnecessarily.

According to LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community the top five challenges in content marketing, that I’m sure are contributing factors to content being banished to room 101 by marketing teams are due to:

  • Lacking time or bandwidth to create content (51%)
  • Struggling to produce enough content variety or volume (50%)
  • Feeling their content is not engaging enough (42%)
  • Not being able to measure content effectiveness (38%)
  • Not having a consistent content strategy (34%)

If content marketing is not on your radar as being critical to your business, then I’m not sorry to say this, but it should be. It has the potential to be the most powerful source in delivering new traffic to your web environment, whether it’s; being picked up by a search engine algorithm, feeding your social channels, or part of a paid media campaign. All of which will help in generating customer acquisitions.

As we enter the final quarter of the financial year for most companies, the attention for their marketing teams will be turning to 2017 strategy and budgets. Part of that process should involve carrying out a content audit and analysis. By looking at what has been created previously, matching against the requirements of your next strategy, and understanding what received good engagement, is worth considering for repurposing. 71% of marketers don’t leverage existing material.

You’ll then be able to see where the gaps are for new content, but also; save on the pain and time used on previous assets by atomising/repurposing as you’ve already engaged with knowledge experts/gone through messaging signoff processes internally on those first assets. In theory you will be able to get ‘new’ content out quicker so your inbound team is happy with lots of ‘new’ content to feed through their various channels, which in turn keeps your audience engaged, and flowing through to your sales team. All of which will then enable you to focus on those new gems of content creation, or wider marketing activities you’ve not had time to focus on.

We’d love to hear what content you’re looking to repurpose, or indeed what you’ve repurposed, and the impact it has had.

To find out more on how to maximise the potential of your content, please contact Camilla Shuckburgh, Head of Content and Marketing Strategy on Camilla@thinkbda.com


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