Written by Anna Sexton

The Rules for Better Blogging, Part 1

In case you’ve stumbled on to this blog as your first encounter with us, here’s the deal…

This year, we’ve been working with Creative Huddle to give our minds a new lease of life, polish up our project management skills and redefine and refine the many things we do to be a top digital marketing agency. All inspired by our new Rules for Being Amazing, by Robin Sharma.

From the office junior to the MD, everybody’s been given one of Sharma’s Rules to explore and use to host fortnightly roundtables. So far, the sessions have provoked giggling fits, yogic silence, and poignant tears – and most of all, a lot of talking, thinking and rethinking.

Then, for many, has come the really hard part: putting our research, roundtable discussion and discoveries down in words. Because while we’re all communicators and in the communications business, there’s something about the request of ‘can you do a blog on it’ that puts the fear of god in even the most conversational character.

So quite rightly, our MD David asked me to look at ways our approach to blogging could be improved and our worst fears could be quelled, leading me to produce, present and put my neck on the line with this presentation

I’m going to elaborate on the presentation in my next blog on blogging. But before I do, one question for you: what makes you read something?