Written by Sam Green

Uncovering Raw Talent Through our Juniors: Part 2

We were very fortunate to be approached by a local agency on a speculative basis and who turns up for interview, a then very shy, nervous Kabe Forster. I still remember his sweaty palms, but there was something about him that both David and I saw and we decided to give him a chance and offer him the role of Office Junior.

On 1st October 2014 Kabe joined the team and was lucky enough to have a very thorough handover by Chloe and he was quickly fully immersed into the role.

After about 6 months Kabe and I had fully bonded and my ‘dream team’ was in full swing, we were firing on all cylinders and worked incredibly well together. He was confident, full of that Kabe swagger we all love and very well respected by the team, in particular Andy Johnson who was starting to rely more and more on him to assist with small Project Management tasks.

What was great to see was that Kabe was using all the skills I had taught him to assist Andy and in turn becoming ultra dependable, thorough and, just like Chloe, unflappable.


Kabe really shone when he took a lead role in implementing Salesforce and the associated add on’s for the entire company. His technical knowledge and quick understanding made this process happen and was cascaded to the team with confidence. Kabe was becoming that ‘go to’ person and we all heavily relied on his expertise and assistance and still do.

Again, I knew the time was coming for him to flee the nest and progress within the business. Chloe’s shoes were hard to fill, yet Kabe had done this excellently; would I ever get another Chloe or Kabe and did I really have to let another of my juniors move on? Ok, so they never moved far, but it’s always hard to see the desk in front of me cleared.

The decision had been made for Kabe to join the Project Management team and become a Project Executive. As with Chloe, Kabe and I had formed a solid working relationship and friendship; to date, we still have the ability to make each other cry with laughter (there were a lot of those moments) and he too calls me his bda work mum. I remember David and I telling Kabe about his promotion, his face lit up, a huge beaming smile and we both had tears in our eyes.

Alas, there we were again with the position of Office Junior open and along came Dennis Kay.

To be continued…