Written by Sam Green

Uncovering Raw Talent Through our Juniors

I think if we asked most people what they thought the role of Office Junior entailed they would mainly say the one who makes the tea, opens the post, does the filing and general dogsbody.

I hope the series of posts I am publishing will take you on a journey and I will have opened your eyes – changing some of that perception, especially when it comes to the role of Office Junior at Thinkbda.

On my very first day at Thinkbda in October 2013 I met Chloe Hope, it was also Chloe’s first day as Office Junior so there was that instant connection.  We were both incredibly nervous but relieved that we had each other.  I remember the day very well and I know Chloe does too, we knew we had a big task at hand, the question was, where did we start?

I had taken on the role as Accounts and Office Co-Ordinator and was tasked with running the admin side of the business along with various accounting duties.  Chloe was to become my right hand woman and together we were going to do this.  There was a mountain of work for us to get through and understand along with a MIS to get our heads round.  I took it upon myself to reinvent the admin and accounting side and create a department that was system driven and efficient.  David Knowles was incredibly supportive of this and allowed me the freedom to make my mark.  Looking back now, none of it would have been possible without Chloe’s sheer hard work, support and enthusiasm.

Instantly Chloe made an impression on me as someone who was intelligent, supportive and totally unflappable.  As the weeks and months went on Chloe was coming into her own and I heavily depended on her to assist me in being the ‘cog turners’ of bda.

Having been an Office Junior myself many years ago I remembered the impact that my Line Manager made on me and I wanted to share my knowledge, expertise and be a good guide, role model and mentor to Chloe – teaching her skills that would always stay with her during her working life.

It was becoming very clear that the Office Junior role at bda was vital, very varied and respected throughout the business.

Chloe became exposed to the business as a whole and was starting to understand many fundamentals.  As Chloe and I became ‘the dream team’ (that’s what I like to think), her daily tasks started to spill into the world of social media and it became clear that she had natural flair and a good understanding of the social media world along with content – she was becoming a sponge and absorbing so much.

As time went on I knew that Chloe was going to flee the nest soon and make that natural move into the Content Marketing Team.  In September 2014, not even a year from joining bda, Chloe was internally promoted to Social Media Executive.  I couldn’t have been prouder when this was announced to the team, maybe a tad emotional too.  Chloe was a hidden gem and I was so lucky to have had the pleasure of working so closely with her, forming a fantastic, unbreakable working relationship and true friendship.  I still feel very protective over Chloe to this day and it’s a joy watching her blossom with the Content Marketing team.

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I love the fact that Chloe calls me her bda work mum and was truly honoured when I was formally introduced to her very lovely boyfriend recently.

With Chloe moving on it meant that the Office Junior role needed to be filled.  Could I ever get another Chloe?

To be continued…