Artesian Video in Print

A personal approach to every chief exec

Decision-makers. Everyone wants to talk to them. Get their attention. Sell them something.

It’s not easy of course. Even established brands struggle to be heard above the noise.

So how did new kid on the block Artesian manage to get in front of some of the most influential people in the FTSE 500?

Simple. By working with us…and using direct mail in a particularly clever way.

First, we made sure the campaign was personal; that it spoke to every exec as an individual. Artesian helped. It’s their business to support new social selling strategies – and they’re experts in intelligence.

Second, we had to get to the heart of the proposition quickly – explaining to time poor CxOs why they should care about Artesian’s social proposition.

Then we needed to get them to engage – and start a conversation.

For that we built every exec a personalised landing page.

But it was the Video in Print direct mailer that made the real difference – driving over a quarter of Artesian’s targets from the physical mailer onto their personalised site.

Video in Print is exactly that…a video embedded into a hardcopy direct mail. It’s a simple concept – an intriguing package, a snappy headline and a high impact video. Not to mention a strong call to action for audiences to visit their personal pages for more: something a vast amount of c-level prospects did here.

But the ‘Social Intelligence on Tap’ campaign didn’t just work because of the video in print package, the personalised approach, eye-catching headlines or the insight Artesian provided. It worked because all these elements (and more) were knitted together to create a complete package – one that grabbed the attention and imagination of this difficult to reach audience.