Arthur J Gallagher Social Media

Arthur J. Gallagher International (AJG), operates in 30 countries, through a network of brokers and consultants. It delivers a wide range of customised and cost-effective insurance and risk management programmes. Previously, parts of the organisation were actively using social media, but the approach was fragmented and messaging was disjointed. So it turned to bda for a new, improved and cohesive approach to social media.

Initial activity: ‘listening’, research and strategy

We initially spent one month listening to relevant conversations on social media platforms and finding out where the client’s target audience was spending time. We looked at tweets, blogs, forums and news in a number of different countries. After one month we delivered a detailed strategy document to AJG about its clients’ activity in the social media arena. This included proposals about next steps: what should be posted, where and when.

A wider social purpose

We then embarked on ongoing work to research, write and schedule social media content for the newly-created social media channels, borne out of our initial analysis and recommendations. Within just one month, the top 32 out of 50 tweets in the insurance space were owned by AJG. LinkedIn engagement by post was 2.09 per cent compared with competitors at 0.03 per cent. Following our success in this social media sphere, AJG has now asked us to train its HR team to use social media as a primary recruitment tool. Recruitment is increasingly shifting towards social media and the client wanted to take advantage of this ahead of its competitors.