Arthur J Gallagher Richmond RFC Campaign

Richmond RFC is a rugby union club based in Richmond, London. Formed in 1861, it is a founding member of the Rugby Football Union. In March 2014, bda client Arthur J. Gallagher International (AJG)began sponsoring Richmond Football Club to build an increased presence across the UK, targeting the rugby-watching community. As part of this, AJG asked us to pitch against two other agencies in a bid to win the creative and website build for the sponsorship package.

Power in partnership

We won the pitch with our ‘Power in Partnership’ campaign. This encompassed a new suite of online and offline advertising, using action shots of players on the pitch carrying high-value goods instead of a rugby ball. The message was simple: if you are a consumer or a small-to-medium-sized business, protect your high-net-worth goods with AJG.

We also created and launched a new responsive and adaptive online portal to support the sponsorship campaign. We attracted traffic to the site by promoting a competition to win tickets for the Six Nations 2015 England v France rugby match. At the same time, visitors to the microsite were also able to book meetings with an insurance specialist.

Social media tactics

The prize to see a high-profile England rugby game provided us with a great springboard to promote the campaign on social media channels. We enticed visitors to the new microsite through tweets and a specific hashtag – #MyHakaFace – encouraged users to visit the microsite and engage with AJG as a whole, building the company’s marketing database. We’ll be working with AJG and Richmond FC over the course of the sponsorship deal which lasts 24 months. In particular we’ll be ramping up social media and advertising activity during the rugby season.

And because AJG is already a client of ours, we know its values, tone of voice, goals for the future and likes/dislikes. We have therefore been able to work closely with AJG regarding how its Richmond FC sponsorship package fits in with the overall company strategy. We aim to ensure that both AJG and Richmond FC are aligned and happy with the output.