Autoglym LifeShine App

Autoglym manufactures more than 100 products to make cars look their very best. Its high-end products are even used on royal household vehicles belonging to The Queen and The Prince of Wales. Autoglym was looking for a mobile app to use as a sales tool for their LifeShine product. The aim was to bring the Autoglym sales teams up-to-date and ensure the staff approach to sales was as polished as a car given the Autoglym treatment.

A polished app

This project was an ideal fit for our team of tech and car enthusiasts, particularly as Autoglym asked us to tailor the app to specific makes of cars. The results are impressive: the app contains rich media and compels the user to interact with sections of the car to better understand the Lifeshine product. It also offers a competitor-checking tool to compare product features, using an easy-to-grasp star rating system. Throughout the project we kept in mind Autoglym’s long-term aims. As such, we ensured the app is fully extensible and can scale as the company grows, while remaining sleek and engaging, with the wow factor for the viewer.

Glittering outcomes

The project has achieved glittering results. The Autoglym sales people are all using the app, an outcome that speaks volumes. During dealership meetings the app helps them to stay on track, focus, speak the same message and use the same language. They have gladly said goodbye to PowerPoint and printed brochures, and now feel they have the right tool to sell more products, more effectively.