Avid Facebook and Instagram campaign

Inspiring students with social media

Truly inspiring content seen 4.1 million times, prompting responses by 206,000 people from a niche audience, and driving 180,000+ visits to the campaign webpage… All within just nine days, at an average cost of less than a penny a click.

Avid, a leading provider of audio and visual (AV) technology, wanted to reach and engage with students – a key audience group for the AV industry. But doing so is an art – and a science – so Avid called on Thinkbda to provide research, strategy, content, execution and analysis.

The plan: getting students to show in video what inspires them, incentivising them with prizes they’d love, and all the while raising Avid’s social media presence and following.

Right audience, right strategy, right content

Our strategy was to reach the right audience through its preferred social media, capturing attention with content designed for users, and for the Avid brand.

Using extensive ‘listening’ research, we assessed the audience from its online activities and conversations. Our research revealed these students’ interests, their talking points, and even the whereabouts and times they’re active online.

Drawing on our findings, we chose Facebook and Instagram to convey the campaign, while our designers and copywriters created carefully-considered graphics, messaging and online assets for these channels. Additionally – and bringing true cohesiveness to the whole campaign – we also designed, wrote copy for, and developed the competition website, avid-inspires.com

Once strategy and content were completed, we ran the campaign itself. Doing so included setting up the social media adverts; monitoring the responses; and shifting and re-shifting budget towards the most successful advert variants as the campaign progressed. Regular project management sessions with Avid, as well as our detailed analytical reports, ensured an agile, responsive approach.

Disciplines involved: analytics, content marketing, data, design, project management, strategy, social media web development