British Medical Association Pension Tension

Pension Tension at the British Medical Association

“Pension Tension” screams the young MD in our 1950’s take on one of today’s biggest career issues for doctors.

With Government reforms taking a swipe at MD’s pensions, the British Medical Association went digital to fight back. The call to action was, quite literally, action (of the industrial kind).

A combination of strategic thinking and off the wall imagery articulated the BMA’s position on pension reform and the planned industrial action. While for younger doctors in particular, the campaign highlighted the length of time they’d now have to work – typically a lot longer!


The results

Backed by a national social media and digital campaign, received in excess of 30,000 unique visitors, saw over 20,000 new details captured for the BMA database and pushed membership up by nearly 200.

We’re proud of this one. It won us a Dadi and got us shortlisted for a CIM award. More than that it gave a focus for the opposition to doctor’s pension reform. It energised the BMA’s base and, with average on site times approaching five minutes, gave a lot of doctors pause for thought.