Click Distribution Breaking with tradition to boost sales and reduce admin through an integrated e-commerce website

The problem

Click Distribution had earned a reputation as one of the leading distributors of toys and collectibles in the UK, but its sales operations needed a makeover. A significant proportion of sales were still made offline, partly owing to Click’s outdated website.

The brief

With a goal of moving more sales online, Click Distribution needed a more streamlined, user-friendly website for their customers, including e-commerce functionality and full integration with its accounts package, Sage 50.

This would improve the shopping experience and encourage customer loyalty, as well as reducing costs and pressure on HR resources.

The activity

Building the most effective website relied on first understanding how users interacted with the old site and identifying weaknesses. We needed data insight: browsing trends, general traffic, user flows and drop-offs.

Together with analysis of the competition, we used this information to create a site with a bespoke sign-up process, order handling and various cost algorithms to dynamically handle unique price lists and features.

We deployed Magento, an open-source e-commerce system, customised to the client’s needs, and managed a third party integration specialist to create the interplay between the site and the client’s accounting software.

The outcome

Vastly improved visually and functionally, the new website allows customers to place orders with Click Distribution quickly and simply. More generally, the client has a strong online presence to back up its reputable brand, which it can market with confidence.

Work on diverting more offline sales through the new site is ongoing: this involves breaking tradition among Click’s customer base and encouraging a step change in the way the channel operates to align it with the 21st century.

At a glance…

In the first 5 months the new website has witnessed a huge uptake from existing customers:

  • Over 3,500 items purchased
  • In 5 months there has been a 135.3% return on investment
  • Over 44,000 website visits
  • Increased page dwell time and more pages visited per visit
Click Distribution