Cranfield University – Marketing strategy A blueprint for marketing success

The problem

As Cranfield University’s Marketing Directors’ programme entered its 27th year, recruitment to the programme was stalling. Its own marketing strategy had hit a brick wall and was failing to attract bookings: with a course fee of £5k per person, the university was missing out on a significant income stream.


The brief

We were tasked with radically overhauling Cranfield’s marketing strategy with the aim of securing 15 new signups to the course.

Listening activities revealed that Twitter and LinkedIn were the most popular channels for engaging with potential recruits, and that any content should be easily digestible, concise and visual.


The activity

Our multipronged approach began with developing a new, more accessible course website, incorporating video content and clear calls to action on the homepage, as well as a free pre-course webcast. A personalised URL solution enabled tracking of users’ data and interactions within the site.

In addition, we reformatted Cranfield’s lengthy Marketing Directors Survey Report into an engaging, easy-to-read downloadable infographic.

Harnessing the social media insight we’d gained, we ran visual campaigns across Twitter and LinkedIn. All this was underpinned by Cranfield’s traditional email marketing approach, which we A/B tested to deliver maximum impact.


The outcome

We secured 24 bookings for the programme, smashing the target of 15 and delivering £120k of income for Cranfield. More importantly, though, we achieved more than 600 qualified leads and established an effective approach for sourcing a pipeline of future candidates.

Our insight-led approach was so successful that Cranfield is already implementing it within two other courses.

At a glance…

  • 2,674% increase in web visits
  • 38 video views
  • 24 webcast registrations
  • 160 infographic downloads

Client Quote

“Simply put, Thinkbda’s campaign has rewritten the blueprint for our approach to marketing” – Samita Kapur, Corporate Marketing Manager, Cranfield University