Michael Graham Website Redesign

The home of desirable town and country properties, Michael Graham’s web presence needed a grand redesign.

A previously unloved channel to market, its site didn’t reflect the ambition of the company – to compete and win in the million pound plus town and country property market against well-known national brands.

The challenge was to get more luxury properties on Michael Graham’s books. Our strategists went to work on the content planning. Our creatives fashioned a new visual identity, while our developers built a truly responsive site able to work beautifully however customers choose to browse – on smartphones, tablets or conventional PCs.

What was achieved

The result of all this activity was a visually stunning website with a fresh, intuitive experience and highly prominent calls to actions that drove the number of luxury property valuation requests up by more than 600%. And with it, the number of million pound plus homes in Michael Graham’s portfolio.

It’s a great example of how visual identity and user experience can build a luxury property brand. And it worked!