The Cooperative Social Media

The Co-operative LinkedIn to top talent

Getting engaged was the goal of this great little social media project for The Co-operative.

An established bda social media client, the retailer asked us to look at its LinkedIn corporate page (and strategy) to see if we couldn’t attract more of the community’s passive job seekers to think about a career at The Co-operative.

Tip-toers and explorers they may be, but around 8 out of 10 LinkedIn professionals are open to offers – so it’s the perfect channel to engage and attract top new talent.

What was it we did?

Having researched what our not so passive audiences were looking for in an employer we set to work reskinning the page to take advantage of all the editable elements offered by LinkedIn.

High impact new banners, inspirational careers videoblogs, creative and engaging news stories, competitions and, of course, links to The Co-operative careers pages have transformed a once static page into a fun, dynamic community followed by over 17,000 professionals.