Wicksteed Park Wicksteed Park Website

Wicksteed Park, based in Kettering, was set up by the inventor Charles Wicksteed in 1913. It offers more than 30 rides and attractions, an arboretum, and a rowing lake set in 147 acres of Grade II parkland.

In late 2013 the team at Wicksteed were stretched: queues at the park were long, mainly because there was no online booking functionality. Also, Wicksteed Park’s website was not mobile device ready and there was concern that this was all having a negative impact on footfall to the park.

Deep dive workshops

We wanted to work closely with the Wicksteed team so we invited them in to see us for a number of deep dive workshops. Together we needed to work out exactly how to overcome Wicksteed Park’s challenges. It was clear that a new website was needed and that the functionality had to (a) offer online booking to eliminate queues and (b) support mobile device users.

We took a long look at Wicksteed Parks existing website, through Google Analytics, and discovered that the site wasn’t working as hoped. We also plugged a heat map tool into the site to see how visitors were behaving. Based on this hard evidence we were able to quote for a new website build, and the Wicksteed Park team gave us the go-ahead to begin the project.

A walk in the park

The research we had carried out beforehand meant that as soon as the project was given the green light we were able to start the build. We focused on the commercial elements of the site– we wanted to set up an excellent online booking facility to support the day-to-day running of the park. We also established and customised a plug-in so Wicksteed Park’s own marketing and development teams could build and publish their web pages. Thanks to the website tracking we carried out beforehand we have been able to make useful comparisons with the new site’s analytics. Since built, the park’s new site has seen a marked increase in visitors, driving online bookings.