Are you sitting comfortably?

Then we’ll begin…telling your stories and engaging your audiences. We’re happy for them to dip in and out of these conversations – because at the right time we’ll create something that fascinates, educates or inspires. Or all three. Great content builds relationships, energises brand and creates a personality and a message that’s uniquely yours.

Let’s begin.

Content Marketing

Nobody likes the hard sell. Most of us don’t like being sold to at all. And if your audience doesn’t care they’ll ignore even the loudest of ads. And here’s the point – your content needs to matter.

That’s why every piece we create is strategically planned, well researched and expertly written. We don't want to shout. We just want to chat, with a clearly defined target audience, about the things that matter to them.

Social Media

Social media campaigns need careful planning. They need a purpose, and they need to be tracked. At bda we begin with auditing your social landscape - who's saying what, and to whom.

We identify the emerging opinion formers, and the conversations you need to be part of. Then we devise a strategy that compliments your corporate marketing efforts. We'll develop the content, drive and manage conversations, and react to opportunities.

And we'll follow best practices to avoid the kind of social scandals we see erupting on a regular basis.

Web Content

It's no longer a shop window. Quite apart from the brand showcase benefits, your website needs to offer an interactive, engaging and evolving experience. Interface and accessibility are key, but it's the content that will keep audiences coming back.

At bda our web content strategies bring everything together: personality, tone of voice, structure, key word strategies and SEO - telling your story and keeping you front of mind.

And we'll conduct regular content reviews because as your sites constantly evolve, consistency becomes crucial.