Customers getting
hands on experience

We’re all consumers – and we’re all becoming addicted to the intuitive, easy to use interfaces offered by today’s crop of smartphones and tablets. Touch screens have made it to the desktop, while the web’s on our TVs and games consoles. With experience now critical, and with so many ways to get online, it’s not enough to simply ‘do digital’ you need your agency to ‘get it’. All of it.

And we do.


It starts with your audience. Who are we targeting? What devices are they using? How are they likely to access your site? And what do they want to see when they get there? For the answers we scope every project out in minute detail. Then we address the objectives and map on integration and system requirements. Can we take advantage of embedded technologies like cameras, video, vibration, accelerometers, GPS and much more?

But it's not just the tech. Who needs to be bought in to the project at your end? How can we help you sell the business case? It sounds complicated. And it is. But a bda scoping project makes it easy.


iOS, Android, WindowsMobile. Tablets, smartphones, hybrid phablets, ultrabooks, connected TVs. The list goes on. Should we develop for each OS and platform, or should our designs be responsive to the device?

There's arguments in favour of both approaches. We'll have these with you (nicely). Then, do you want a gestural interface or are we sticking with clicking?

Again, we'll advise.


It might not always be pretty, but without a full technical and functional spec we can't be sure everything will work as it should.

These documents are crucial to ensure integration with your existing systems and processes. And they map out the experience that's going to delight your audience.


It's an intensive job, but someone's got to do it. With the planning and prototyping complete, it's time to build.

At bda we like to go open source. We'll build in WordPress and Magento – using frameworks like CodeIgniter, Symphony and CakePHP where appropriate. We offer staging and live hosting environments throughout the build process so you can access and review your site or app at every stage.

When it's built, and you're happy, we test. Then test again to make sure the code's reliable and the experience is spot on.


Now we go back to the beginning - bringing designers, developers and clients together for a complete project review. Is it meeting objectives? Does it match the designs? Is the coding up to standard and have we nailed that brilliant experience?

If the answer's yes, the site goes live.