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Across the world we’re watching 6 billion hours of video every month on YouTube. That’s some number. Up 50% on the same time last year. And with 4G networks rolling out, much of it’s being consumed on the mobile. This trend matters to marketers because video is fast becoming one of the most favoured ways of engaging audiences. It doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive, and it’s often devastatingly effective.

Here’s how we do it.


Live action, animation or a combination of both. A 30 second vignette or a 10 minute product overview. A voiced piece, or music led. Your options are limited only by imagination.

At bda we start with the outcome. What do you want the audience to see, hear, feel and do? Then we work backwards.


Even the slickest animations and beautifully shot action sequences are nothing without the message. And it begins here. Scripting is a specialist skill. And it's not just about the words. A great script tells a story, instructs the style, dictates the pace and orders the transitions. Our writers will work with you to nail it down. Then we're off!


With the words done, it's time for the pictures. Our creative will scamp up the entire feature so you get a clear sense of where we're going. This is a collaborative process. Your input is vital.

If it's an animation we'll go on to produce Mac'ed up visuals to show exactly what the end product looks like. If its live action, we'll develop mood boards, scout locations, interview actors then scamp the whole thing up. You're involved at every stage and we'll tweak till you're happy.


Now it's the turn of our camera operators, sound engineers, animators and editors. Because we've planned every last detail, production becomes a simple (if a highly sophisticated and skilled) task.

We'll set milestones at every stage so you can approve the rushes and rough cuts. And we'll keep to time and stay in budget.


A soundtrack or voiceover paints a picture as strongly as the words or visual. Because we've been in it for years we know the artists and tracks that bring your film to life – and those that won't.

We'll match your brand voice with an actual one, and your tone to the right music and effects. Sounds simple, but it's easy to get it wrong. And many do.


With the project complete and signed off we’ll render out the film to the size and format required – whether it’s a web short or a video wall presentation. Then we’ll sit down together and review the project to see if we can’t improve next time.