Andy Johnson

Strategy Director

Hi, I’m Andy Johnson – Client services director


My love is designing well thought out creative strategy, to solve clients marketing objectives and then to deliver through remarkable tactics and exceptional project management!
I can’t guarantee its all plain sailing, but I can guarantee hard work, lots of coffee and biscuits

I love the pace of change in marketing, it’s what keeps it interesting and challenging. To think, since the beginning of bda, I have witnessed the growth of the internet, Open Source content management systems, the introduction of email marketing, one-to-one approach, Personalised URLs, and more recently; applications, AR, social media, big data and contextual marketing. Oh and lets not forget the mobile, set to change everything!

But the one thing that has always remained, is the best microgaming nafgah solutions come when the objectives drive the strategy which then determines the toys, not the other way round!

Outside of work, I cram in as much as I possibly can. I love sport with the exception of darts and snooker – they are just not sports. I play rugby – yes still at my age thank you! Run lots, bike weekly, surf each summer and sail now and then.

Amazing family – daughter, son, and wife who keep me sane, motivated, make me smile and whom I am very proud of.

Favorite drinking hole, Corkers and the Bold Dragoon – now there is a contrast.

There a two types of people in the world - those who hit a brick wall and stop and those that break through.
Tony Tugulu
Things I dislike
  • Arrogance
  • pessimism
  • tomatoes
I can’t live without
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