Barry Cheney

Senior Creative

I’ve worked now as a jobbing designer for about 15 years.


After finishing college I had short stints at a repro house and a local newspaper learning the ropes.

From there I spent an intense but rewarding few years working for a Northampton design agency before being attracted toward a job working in-house for a video games publisher. It was a natural fit to combine my background in the design industry with a genuine interest in gaming. After an enjoyable time there I decided it was time for new challenge. BDA has more than delivered that.

I enjoy both the creative and technical aspects of the role of designer and to see a successful end result still proves satisfying.

Apart from spending as much of my free time with friends and family, to stop them disowning me I would say my main interests lie in gaming. Blame a misspent youth spent playing and working in arcades. From the first clunky home computers of the 80’s to the latest systems. It’s been an addiction I have yet to shake.

Other than this I enjoy taking in all the latest gadgets, films and music that I can.

When not occupied with these distractions I like attempting to expand my cooking repetoire beyond an above average chilli.

Be excellent to each other.
Bill S. Preston Esq. & Ted Theodore Logan
Things I dislike
  • Spiders
  • Clowns
  • Microsoft Word
I can’t live without
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