David Knowles

Managing Director

Hi, I’m David, and I’m bda’s managing director.


I get involved in all areas of bda from client management and strategy, to finance and HR, to IT and blocked plumbing – you name it, I probably have my finger in it! But, that’s what makes me love what I do, ‘cause I never know what each day holds.

My background was firstly in sales and most recently in marketing. But over the years I have come to enjoy the cut and thrust of all aspects of business and running a company. I find business, the psychology of business and the people involved in it fascinating.

Outside of work, my life is centred around my children, playing rugby, keeping fit, watching films and motorcycling when I get the chance.

I’m a closet nerd! I love technology, finding out how things work and putting them together. I guess I believe, the better you understand how something works the more likely you are to be able to fix it when things go wrong, but most importantly make it a success when things are going right.

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.
Joshua J. Marine
Things I dislike
  • Speed cameras
  • hangovers
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