Holly Jameson

Motion Graphics Designer

Hi! I'm Holly and I'm a Motion Graphics Designer here at bda.


Hi, I’m Holly, and I make motion graphics and illustrations.

I was born in a field somewhere in Northern Ireland. Growing up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, there wasn’t much to do so I created my own fun with pens and paper. I moved to Edinburgh when I was 18 and studied Illustration for 4 years and then Animation for a Master’s Degree. It’s odd to say “studied” for those creative degrees, what I really did was doodle people in pubs for 5 years and then panic when I had to write essays. Through this I developed an illustration style, of flowing inky lines that have lots of character.

Creatively, I feel like I’ve already done a lot with my life. I’ve illustrated a children’s book, been the cover artist for a magazine, created comics, editorial illustrations, animated shorts and one time I painted a portrait of someone’s cat.

I see animation and motion graphics as an extension of illustration, it just moves. I want to inject all the movement and life that is present in my illustrative work into animated video.

Essentially, I love making things. To be busy and to have a project, even if that’s just “I’m making this for me” is my driving factor. When I’m not doodling, inking or animating, I’m probably drinking craft beer and watching YouTube videos with my fiancé (sketch comedy, film theory and criticism, technology and cats tend to be the topics of choice).


We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can't cope with is therefore your own problem.
Douglas Adams
Things I dislike
  • Parallel parking
  • Sub-standard pencils
  • Mushrooms
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