James Howes

Production Manager

Hi, I’m James and I’m the Production Manager here at bda.


Hi, I’m James and I’m the Production Manager here at bda . Being a people person, I like a good chat, and love getting to know others – something that’s been an important part of all my roles. I’ve been working in the creative industry, mainly within studio management, since leaving university – where I studied advertising and public relations. There are many various aspects to my position, but one part I always love is a good brainstorm, and I feel it’s the best way to start any project, large or small.

Away from brainstorms and sometimes in storms of the rainy kind is Ruby, another of my loves. As a lively black Labrador, she keeps me and my partner fit with regular walks, whatever the weather – but I guess that’s character building. Sport is another one of my big passions – even though I don’t actively take part as much as I used to I love being an active observer. I’m a Northampton boy so I’m a proud supporter of the Saints and the phenomena that are the mighty underdogs of the Cobblers!

When my other half lets me in the kitchen, I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes – using every piece of equipment is my speciality! I love everything there is to do with burgers, regularly trialling new ideas to find the perfect mix and accompaniments. I have a group of friends around me that love cooking too, so we often get together to eat and assess our creations, however dubious they may be…

Being awesome makes me hungry
Barry Goldberg
Things I dislike
  • Rudeness
  • chalk
  • sponge
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