Rob Bailey

Project Manager

Hi, I’m Rob. I’m a project manager and love working here at Thinkbda.


Hi, I’m Rob. I’m a project manager and love working here at Thinkbda. I have a good few years of agency experience under my belt, through which I have acquired skills and knowledge across many marketing disciplines, channels and industries. My experience has given me the ability me to deal with anything that’s thrown my way, having worked with clients ranging from smaller independent businesses to multinational household names. Regardless of size and turnover, what I enjoy most about my work is delving into the detail of a client’s requirements, and working with a team of brilliant people to deliver great results.

I am pretty active outside of work and have a passion for cycling, and love to get out on my bike at weekends and ride at a velodrome when I can. Other favourite activities include running, climbing, triathlon and mud runs – when I have the time!

More than anything I love to spend time with my wife and son, whether we are away for a weekend in the peak district, a trip to the zoo, or a day out in London; we always have fun. If there is any time left I also love to read a good book, enjoy a beer, or catch up with the latest series on Netflix.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving
Albert Einstein
Things I dislike
  • Cyclists who jump red lights
  • reality TV
  • cockroaches
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