Rob Humphries

Senior UX/UI Designer

Hi, I’m Rob, Senior UX/UI Designer at bda.


From magazine publishers, to in-house print studios, design agencies to self-employment, I’ve been involved in pretty much all aspects of design since leaping into my first job way back in the hazy days of 1999.

After spending four years working in a small creative company and setting up a workhub for small companies and freelancers, I returned to bda in 2011 to take on new challenges.

I’m an absolute sucker for simple, great graphic design. Letterpress and screen print posters inspire me just as much as I enjoy discovering and learning new web and mobile technologies.

It’s not just about the pretty, I can code too.

It’s because of this I firmly believe good web design comes from a good understanding of code. Whether it’s the moment a new file is fired up in Photoshop, scribbling in Illustrator or simply stringing together a few lines of html, it’s all about the attention to detail.

I guess it helps that I’m perhaps a little pixel retentive.

My hectic life peaks at the weekend when I can find some time to relax with my wife, two children and our Labrador. Somewhere in-between family life I somehow find those moments to hit a great restaurant or catch a gig, appreciate good design, munch a flapjack and grab a latte, play that guitar rift and sip a Bourbon, stare at the stars or, more often than not, blast the single-track on my mountain bike.

If I can't find a way I'll make one
Hannibal Barca
Things I dislike
  • Tomatoes
  • the Beatles
I can’t live without
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