Rob Jarvis

Digital Manager

Hi, I’m Rob Jarvis and as well as being bda’s best dancer, I am also the Digital Manager.


Hi, I’m Rob Jarvis and as well as being bda’s best dancer, I am also the Digital Manager.  I am responsible for working with our clients on digital strategy, managing web projects and co-ordinating the development team.

Over 16 years of digital experience has led to where I am now; from the proving grounds of internet executive at an internet research organisation pre-millennium, through to being the founder of a successful  web company in 2005.

It has pretty much been digital all the way for me; as I learnt HTML I witnessed first hand the dot-com boom and went on to work with some of the original online learning companies once it burst. I was coding when table based layout was outlawed and embraced all things <div> when it became the web designer’s choice approach. I helped companies devise their digital strategy when the recession began to cripple marketing budgets in 2008 and I was there when these same companies started to come out the other side as the country started its recovery.

In short, marketing has always been my thing. It is always challenging and there is rarely a dull moment. I get to work across a huge variety of industries on a wide spectrum of project types. I have the pleasure of collaborating with amazingly talented individuals, some of whom are the most intelligent and creative people I have met.

I think it was Steve Jobs who once said “The only way to do great work is to love what you do” and I get to see that every day, passionate people at bda delivering truly amazing solutions and inspiring those around them.

The problem with quotations that you see on the Internet is that it is difficult to discern if they are genuine.
Abraham Lincoln
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  • Creamy Pasta
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