Wesley Muchimwe

Social Media Executive

Hi, I'm Wesley and I'm the Social Media Executive here at BDA.


A lover of all things edible. Where there is food I am to be found. Those great meals are best when shared. At which point we cue in social media. Everything I eat that’s worth repeating (which is usually 95% of the time) is shared with my hungry social media followers. Nurture them and give them content they cannot resist, and you have yourself a receipe for success.

As I am passionate about sharing content, I thrive on content and social media strategy creativity. Most of my free time is spent researching ways to grow organically and exponentially. I am on the never ending quest of the next best thing. When it has been discovered, I just love sharing those tips and insider knowledge to the benefit of all involved.


No more drama in my life
Mary J Blige
Things I dislike
  • Eggs
  • Sports
  • Small town public transport
I can’t live without
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