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2018 FIFA World Cup

16 July 2018


The 2018 FIFA World Cup has been an unprecedented entertainment spectacle, and audiences the world over tuned in to live matches like never before.

This year's world cup was considered to be the most watched event in the history of the human race, according to Brian Perkins, Global Marketing VP for Budweiser – who have sponsored the World Cup for 32 years.

Even the event sponsors published their biggest ever global campaigns!

We discussed some of the awesome marketing campaigns that football fever kicked off this year in our BDA Chat Podcast. Check it out here.

With any major event, big name brands – and small ones – jump on the bandwagon to battle for their place in the advertising league tables. This year's World Cup was no different, and there were some absolutely sensational adverts released.

BDA's Three Front Runners

Our top three favourite 2018 FIFA World Cup ads were a mix of emotive storytelling, humour, stylistic creativity, or simply because of their entertainment factor!

Third place:

Our third-place pick was an ad that did more than sell – it's primary goal was to raise public awareness of the plight of the Russian polar bear, which is endangered. Although the "stunt" was quite outrageous, we can't deny the impact this ad had.

  • Paddy Power "Polar Bear"

Second place:

We had to put this Ikea poster in our top three. The epitome of simple and effective, two products tell the same story and you can immediately think of how you'd use their sofas! Incredibly effective (and hilarious) ad!

  • Ikea Sofa

First place:

Our top pick of this year’s ads goes to KFC. Featuring one of the most memorable moments in football and blending it seamlessly with the KFC brand, the ad grabs attention! KFC’s offer is timely, slick, and absolutely hilarious!

  • KFC: "Streetwise"


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