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bda's Office Junior celebrates a marketing milestone

16 February 2017


It's official – I've been a member of the Thinkbda team for an entire year now and with this milestone proudly reached, I feel it is only necessary to reflect on the progress I have made since joining the marketing agency back in February 2016.

It's safe to say my inexperience was clear during my first couple of months with my biggest fear being the dreaded phone – answering it felt like a dangerous plunge into the unknown. Luckily, the irrationality of this fear soon became clear to me (in retrospect, I have no idea why it seemed so daunting) and it started to become apparent just how diverse the role of Office Junior is.

I'll admit, I was worried that the majority of my days would be spent making tea and coffee but the position has proven to be considerably more complex and rewarding than this.

As my skills grew over time, I was entrusted with more responsibility in my role. Sure, I still have to carry out some fairly mundane tasks from time to time but I actually enjoy doing them as they act as a relaxing break between bigger jobs.

But most of all, being the Office Junior means that every day is different (cliché, I know), as I can be doing anything from invoicing to uploading content to the bda website – I've even been known to cut the hedges outside!

Thinking back to when I first started, I never thought that I would acquire such a wealth of knowledge. Prior to being the company Junior, I'd never even heard of an invoice and now I am constantly exposed to all aspects of the business, giving me a brief understanding of how it all works. This level of exposure is priceless as it allows me to steadily attain the skills needed to progress further.

Of course, I owe the vast majority of my learnings to Sam Green and Kabe Forster who have acted as my Yoda and Obi-Wan respectively since I joined.

With one epic year at bda under my belt, I can only imagine the next will be even more exciting and rewarding.

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