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Getting the most from your creative team with D&AD

9 October 2018

By Rob Bailey

Rob Bailey, one of BDA's project managers, gets stuck into an inspirational masterclass from D&AD!

My role at BDA involves managing teams of creatives: from designers and developers to animators and copywriters. I booked the one-day masterclass with a view to gain more insight into getting the best from any given project team.

D&AD’s Shoreditch Studio hosted the masterclass, and having attended some of their training courses in the past, I was looking forward to an informative, practical, and relatable day of training.

Designed to coach creative department leaders to get the most out of their teams – and improve the quality of the work produced – I was keen to learn all I could from the D&AD facilitators.

D&AD's Reputation

The Design & Art Direction awards are highly respected throughout the industry and have an excellent understanding of agencies, including the challenges we face.

The masterclass itself was fantastic.

It’s great bouncing ideas off others and seeing people in the same role as me – or similar – going through relatable struggles and successes.

Knowing I’m not experiencing these things alone is reassuring!

Personal Analysis

One of the things I learned was that challenging the rules can sometimes be a way forward; it’s just another way of problem solving. And sticking to the status quo might not always get you the result you need.

Being able to analyse our business is a difficult thing to do – as is analysing myself and thinking of myself as a leader.

However, one valuable insight I gained from the course was realising I naturally have good leadership skills, something I hadn't previously considered.

Final Thoughts

The course showed me the values I have as a person and a leader, as assessed by others on the course. It was humbling to hear those, and a real confidence boost.

I have some quick hacks that will make a difference immediately (particularly around autonomy and mastery), and I’m looking forward to implementing them.  

A masterclass like this needs people to be honest and transparent.

By being yourself, you’ll be able to get the most out of the course and the other attendees.

I’d highly recommend this D&AD masterclass to anyone in the industry – whether you’re a Managing Director, Account Manager, or Project Manager. If you’re part of managing a creative team or process, you will take away valuable insights from this masterclass.


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