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Getting the most out of your school work experience!

24 July 2018


BDA hosted a budding young animator for a week – here's how it went!

When kicking off your career in marketing or the creative industry, it can be notoriously difficult to get your foot in the door. We talked about it in a recent episode of BDA Chat.

Thankfully, a number of agencies – including BDA – occasionally offer work experience placements to high school pupils!

Helping develop local talent!

We were able to offer one budding animator a weeks' work experience in July and give her a taste of what the day-to-day working life in a creative agency is like!

Many pupils often feel they will be observing more than actually getting on with tasks, but that wasn't the case with BDA.

From the get-go, our fantastic motion graphics team set a number of small animation tasks and training to get our new addition to the team started!

As well has getting some hands-on experience to develop budding animation abilities, having the chance to develop the social skills needed to thrive in a creative workplace cannot be overstated, and is a huge plus for work experience.

We introduced After Effects to our work experience team member and seeing her take the reins and develop her skills in a matter of hours was fantastic.

One of her favourite animations was:

It’s also nice to have someone new join us – even temporarily – as we can get feedback on how we are as a place to work. BDA is definitely an energetic place to be, with a team of friendly, quirky people who are passionate, ambitious, and bursting with ideas!

When asked to describe BDA in three words, she said:

"Energetic. Fun, Interesting"

Cultivating passion and creativity is a wonderful thing to be part of. It’s great to see talent flourish and confidence grow, and by the end of the week, our fledgling animator’s proficiency had grown tenfold!

It’s not easy to start somewhere new, so we always hope work experience pupils find working with us rewarding and get valuable information from us to help them plan their career.


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