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Monthly Digital Inspiration 1

3 October 2018

By Rob Jarvis

Each month, I will share three websites, or elements of UX, which have caught my eye and made me put down whatever I was doing.

For October, I have picked three contrasting websites which sell different types of products – a car, a watch, and audio hardware.


1 – Beoplay AW18 Collection (Bang & Olufsen)

B&O are always one of my favourite brands for inspiration.

They regularly deliver online experiences which are beautiful, refined and different. The AW18 collection has hit the nail on the head yet again.

Subtle transitions and effects gently complement the experience, while bold typography draws you in to areas of interest. Moody models and striking photography, accompanied by this muted brick-like pallet are a delight, while swashes of blue dance into the fray like an oasis.

It’s that perfect blend of lifestyle and ecommerce – which makes you aspire to want these products.

Take a look for yourself and discover the beautiful, unexpected, products transitions on hover.


2 – The All New EQX (Mercedes-Benz)

Automotive inspiration is never far away.

A mixture of beautiful cars and vistas is pure designer protein – they love to gobble up these briefs and create striking visuals to create that user ‘want’.

I like the opening banner, which provides 3D pitch and pan to the CGI EQC vehicle shot, with the cityscape creeping in on what is a sultry summer night.

As you scroll down the page, its simple, staggered imagery, parallax text using large typography and supporting text, with the vertical scroll interrupted every now and then as the image opens up horizontally, almost makes you feel like you are zooming in to reveal more.

The journey down the page ends the way it starts, as the car and cityscape track your movement to create that final ‘wow’ moment.


3 – Titan (Viita Watches)

This one is an in your face, full-on assault on your senses.

A black and white theme is only interrupted by the colour of the display of the product itself, which despite all that’s going on (massive text, big transitions, lots of movement etc.), manages to draw your attention back to the watch.

I love the way the page is purely features-led, playing on the strength and robustness of the materials and craft to bring them together as a smart watch.

It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but the site is attention-grabbing, brave, and screams “look at me”.


So, there you are!

Three websites which have contrasting components and styles, but actually use many of the same mechanisms – they’re just dressed up differently based on the brand and lifestyle they are portraying.


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