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Smashing Google Squared!

8 August 2018

By Dennis Kay

After completing the Google Squared course in June, here are some of my takeaways.

As BDA's Office Administrator, I get to be involved in a variety of things, and part of my personal training objectives are to improve my knowledge of Digital Marketing and Leadership skills.

A couple of people at BDA had completed the Google Squared course before, and recommended it to me, especially as I'm working towards a more marketing-oriented role, so I signed up to the course and it kicked off in November 2017.

A steep learning curve

The online course ran for seven months and delved into a little bit of everything as far as Digital Marketing went, with a good focus on the overall fundamentals – which was great for me as I had effectively no marketing experience!

It was great to learn so many new things, although some of the other people on the course had several years' experience, so I had to put in a bucket load of extra effort to keep up at times!

Time management could be tough, as we worked in groups and had to accommodate everyone's schedules and organise meetings that suited the whole group.

The weekly lessons were fantastic, with very laid-back tutors who really knew their stuff. They had fantastic charisma which helped motivate me, particularly while juggling the course with day to day work – let's just say I gave up a lot of my evenings and weekends to stay on top of the workload!

Building my confidence

One of the top things I learned was the importance of a streamlined brand image. People just expect a brand to be an experience now – and it's such a hot topic that we looked at this in one of our BDA podcasts, too! Check that out here.

Collaboration was a big part of the course, which is true of how Digital Marketing functions in the workplace.

"You can't do everything yourself, it takes a team to produce fantastic campaigns."

From Persona Mapping to the ins and outs of Google Analytics, Google Squared taught me something new every week, and as my knowledge grew, so did my confidence. Obviously having an improved knowledge of the technical side of Digital Marketing is great, but it's my rise in confidence that seems to be the key attribute to crossover into my day-to-day work. I have felt more comfortable sharing ideas and opinions in internal brainstorms and, around halfway into the course, I took over all of BDA's social accounts – a step that would have been quite frankly panic-inducing and daunting before starting the course!

Google Squared has been a fantastic one, and I think it's safe to say it was worth all the sleepless nights! I completed it in June 2018 and am striving to bring fresh ideas to BDA every day.

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