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Tackling Google Analytics

12 September 2018

By James Ward

Senior Project Manager, James Ward, gets to grips with reporting, dashboards, and analytics!

It’s essential that everyone at BDA gets stuck in and keeps up to speed with the constantly evolving platforms and tools we use. As Senior Project Manager I needed to have the confidence and ability to use Google Analytics for our clients’ benefit.

So, at the end of June, I attended Media Training’s introductory course to Google Analytics.

Getting to grips with analytics

The Media Training course ran over a single day and taught the basics of Google Analytics. This included showing how to create and modify dashboards, set up automated reporting, understanding data and flow, number crunching, and more!

The tutor, Simon, was fantastic – really friendly and down-to-earth, who made everyone feel comfortable – particularly useful considering the attendees all had different levels of knowledge.

I’m sure it was no easy task to train us all in such a way that we all benefitted, but it really worked and made the course enjoyable.

Pros and cons

Being part of a course that caters to such a wide variance in knowledge can be challenging, particularly if you’re going over subject matter that you already know.

However, networking with new people, getting to know them and their roles, and how Google analytics forms part of that, was a brilliant experience and one of the best takeaways from attending.

My confidence with Google Analytics has soared, which means I can now log in and analyse traffic data on clients’ websites, as well as run reports and set up dashboards, without relying on others within BDA.

Overall thoughts

While the course was a fantastic introduction to Google Analytics, it would probably be beneficial to have some understanding of the software prior to attending, along with knowledge of the web and how it works.

Learning how to define conversations and filter a profile based on parameters (IP address, subdomains, location etc.) are all things I’ve brought back to BDA and have been able to implement straight away.

The course was brilliant in terms of boosting my confidence, and I’m pleased to have brought back new understandings to BDA and helped our clients!

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