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All about strategy

23 March 2018

A strategy exists to solve a problem first and foremost – here's our take on developing a great one!

Strategies and goals are NOT the same thing. Strategy is much more long-term, but it's not something you can launch and then forget about. Great strategies need to constantly adapt and evolve to an ever changing marketplace, with ever changing consumers and competitors.

At BDA, we begin developing a strategy with "seek". We look at all the information and ask questions of it: what's the problem? What are you trying to achieve?

Lengthy strategies require a number of reactive review points where it can be adjusted as necessary. Everything is changing around us, from technology and websites to consumers and their expectations.

BDA's 5 steps on creating great strategy:

  1. Unearth your problems, interrogate the problem, and define your problem statement.
  2. Find your insights to inform your strategy - SWOT, empathy mapping, customer data – all that good stuff.
  3. Simplify your strategy. If you had to distil your marketing strategy down into one short, simple statement, what would it be? -Make sure you lose the jargon.
  4. Create your tactics to deliver your strategy – no idea is a bad idea at the early stages of planning: build on these ideas as a group.
  5. Keep your strategy and tactics informed and fresh! Make sure you adjust and keep your plans agile, changing direction if your environment demands.

For more on strategy and helpful methodology, watch Camilla's Think 2018 talk here

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