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Consumer sands are shifting: are you catering to the new generations?

27 April 2018

How will brands and consumers work in the future? Content is increasingly tailored, constantly evolving, and in the hands of consumers.

Generation Z makes up 40% of the UK consumer population, and they don’t behave like the older generations.

With easy-to-access platforms like Instagram and Snapchat pushing out Twitter, Facebook, and email, Generation Z – and Generation Alpha – are changing the consumer landscape.

Consumers of today want their bespoke content now. They want to be surprised and delighted, with new features added regularly. Fewer ads, more content-rich, and utterly bespoke is the technology that’s leading the race. Sending an email isn’t going to cut it for much longer.

Staying relevant to the trends – and getting on board early – is the expectation of Generation Z. That’s powerful.

Check out the latest episode of BDA Chat where the team discusses the shift.

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