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Crowdsourcing creative briefs

13 April 2018

Creativity is all around us. Ideas can come internally, from agencies, or even the general public!

Last week, BDA Chat briefly discussed Coca-Cola's public campaign, and this week we're delving a little deeper into the idea of crowdsourcing creative briefs.

While on the outset it sounds like a great concept (especially if you're Coca-Cola!), it does create questions: How far could this go? Could this apply on a wider scale? Will more companies take this approach?

It's not something ground-breaking. Companies like Doritos and NASA have been doing this for years, and even the BBC's website has a Beta version where it collects ideas generated by the public.

But one thing is clear – crowdsourcing content is clever. It offers creative freedom not found in agencies where you're restricted by your role, responsibilities, and red tape.

So, in the spirit of crowdsourcing, we're asking you the question: What topic do you want BDA Chat to discuss for next week's episode? Let us know below or on social channels @thinkbda!

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