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Getting emotive with the automotive industry!

24 August 2018

From job interviews to first dates to bringing home a newborn child from the hospital, cars are with us for many of life’s major milestones. This emotional attachment means brands and manufacturers can add a tangible element of desirability to their campaigns.

Cars and bikes are incredibly emotive.

Many people have fond memories of their first car, be it an odd colour (pea green, anyone?), interesting stylistic choices (stars or racing stripes), or even a first name (Thomas Tank!) – and these feelings of attachment often grow with new cars or bikes in future.

The marketing behind cars can be so powerful because of the emotional connection that many people have with them. Some brands even develop cult-like followings, while others struggle to lose their reputation.

In this episode of BDA Chat, we take a look at some recent (and some not-so-recent) automotive ad campaigns to see what works, what doesn’t, and what – if anything – has changed in the world of automotive marketing.

Whether it’s taking a glossy, lifestyle feel or introducing 360° videos or interactive pictures, bringing the showroom to your home with holographic technology or using chat bots to change the industry, there’s so much in automotive to make you stand up and take notice!

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Audi ‘Escape’ campaign:

Volvo V60 ‘Protect’ campaign:

If you would like to download or subscribe to the bda podcast, you can find the iTunes link here.

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