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How Artificial Intelligence is shaping our world

6 July 2018

We are well into the age of Artificial Intelligence with the likes of Google Deep Mind!

With the advent of Google Duplex, a home assistant that will now make calls for you and have a human conversation, Artificial Intelligence has come on in leaps and bounds.

From your car's satellite navigation to Spotify and Netflix, Artificial Intelligence is a huge – and growing – part of everyday life.

We feed data into AI constantly, sometimes unknowingly, and just by interacting with a platform, the AI is able to make accurate predictions and recommendations based on our preferences. They even say that some of the algorithms know us better than our spouse!

It's not just a function anymore – AI is actually making decisions on our behalf for us.

While AI began as entertainment (think chess players, and music recommendations), it has now grown into something that can save lives.

Even chat bots are replacing triage systems with initial diagnoses, and there are now robot pharmacies dispensing medication with a zero error rate!

What do you think about AI? A useful technological development? Or are we all only months away from Skynet?

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