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How successful video games have turned marketing on its head

22 June 2018

The video game industry is so successful, it eclipses the arts, music, and film industries combined!

From creative worlds to epic scores and the mastery of storytelling, the video game industry is bigger than ever – and their marketing campaigns match.

Some of the biggest games have become more than just games, they’ve become social events with enormous followings.

The most successful marketing strategies include engaging with the fans and followers, which in turn builds into a community.

Even free games – like Fortnite – can turn into a movement with the right marketing strategy.

From pro-gamers streaming on Youtube and Twitch, to community-led games that cater to the masses, this week’s podcast discusses the power of marketing in video gaming.

Do you know what the top five best-selling video games are of all time?

Hint: the game in the number one spot has sold in excess of 490 million copies.

Tune in to the podcast now to find out!

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