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How to break into the creative industry

13 July 2018

Are you just starting your career in marketing, looking to get your foot in the door of a creative agency? Then we've got some top tips for you!

Job hunting isn't easy at the best of times, and it's notoriously difficult to get into an agency – especially if you're just starting out at a junior level.

If you're looking to succeed, then our first tip is: let your passion show. Ask questions. Be engaging. Get involved just because it's something you enjoy doing.

Many people start their creative careers by taking unpaid work, and through sheer grit (and passion) keep going until they get their break.

It also means you have a portfolio to show off by the time you do get a call for an interview.

Still in education? Turn your work experience into one of the best things you can do with our second tip: network.

Not only are you getting a real taste of the day-to-day work in an agency, but you'll have the opportunity to meet people, build connections, or even work on a small project!

It's about making the most of every opportunity, and more than just completing your assigned tasks.

Jump on to our podcast and hear the BDA team talk about our experiences getting into the creative field, along with the rest of our top tips for breaking into the industry.

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