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How to develop kick ass website strategies and user experiences

28 March 2018

A good website strategy delivers your business message. A great website strategy puts your user's wants and needs at the centre.

While user experience and website strategy is a very broad subject to tackle in a short amount of time, we talk about our approach at BDA, and how important it is to understand the wants and needs of your users before focusing on the business message.

Ultimately, we have to give users what they need and want, and this begins with discovery. Getting to grips with your business values, USPs, and objectives, and also understanding your audience. By breaking down the audience into segments and demographics, you can build up a picture of that user to understand what it is they need and how they use your website. We call this process "empathic persona mapping."

There are a number of tools out there to understand how people use your website, but don't stop at Google Analytics. There are a whole host of other ways to understand the minds of your users – from software like Hotjar, to speaking to them personally in an interview or survey. Cumulative information from qualitative and quantitative research gives you robust data to work with and is the best starting point.

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