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How to disrupt the status quo

10 August 2018

So many businesses for so long have been self-centred. But now, they're being taken over by the customer-centric innovators who are disrupting their industries – often with incredible success!

Netflix. Uber. Airbnb. Tesla.

They're all innovators. They're all disruptors.

They – like countless others – are all doing things in a way that's against the grain of how things have historically been done.

Once upon a time, you'd go to a shop and the assistant would give you your products. Then Tesco came along and allowed us to pick the products off the shelf.

Now Amazon has removed any personal interaction at all – and is even considered the norm.

It's happening outside of retail, too.

Look at almost any industry and you'll see start-ups doing things differently, shaking things up, and disrupting the status quo.

From insurance to banking, food to hospitality, technology has allowed brands to be great disruptors.

Check out our latest podcast to see how and why innovation and disruption has become a force to be reckoned with.

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