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The brand videos we love

18 May 2018

Is edgy better than emotive when it comes to creating stand out ads? Love them or loathe them, the ads that get us talking certainly enjoy their fair share of time in the limelight

Creating a video ad that viewers don't immediately skip is tricky. You have to nail a complex blend of personality, emotion, pacing, and storytelling. Building a connection in under a minute is no mean feat, especially when the viewers of today would rather skip ahead to the content they're there to enjoy.

This week, we're taking a look at some of the ads we absolutely love, and discussing what makes them work. Picking apart voice actors to animation styles, music to credibility, there's so much to debate over impactful brand videos.

Ads do more than sell a product – the greatest ones sell you a brand, experience, or the feeling of being part of something.

Some brands can land themselves in hot water if credibility is lost to humour, or an emotional piece is lost with inauthenticity.

Check out the video ads we chat about below:

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